AFU BSc. Agriculture Entrance Exam past year question collection (pdf files)

 List of Past Year Question of
BSc. Agriculture Entrance Exam
conducted by AFU with pdf file.


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Now, let's come to the topic, 

In this article, we have compiled the pdf files of BSc. Ag. entrance exam which was conducted by AFU, Chitwan. You can easily download these pdf files and practice whenever and wherever you like. 

**But before practicing these pdf files, you must have known about the new pattern of afu entrance exam question. From year 2076, AFU has changed its question pattern and extended the total number of questions to 120s. Before this, there were only 80 questions in exam. 
So, in these given files, there are only 80 questions with answers which is as per the entrance exam conducted by agriculture and forestry university in the respective years. If you want to practice as per the new pattern, links for those file are given below.

Here is the list of pdf file with yearwise.

BSc. Agriculture 2072

BSc. Agriculture 2073

BSc. Agriculture 2074 Rampur, Puranchaur, Sindhuli

▶ Click here.

BSc. Agriculture 2074 Tikapur, Pakhribas

▶ Click here.

BSc. Agriculture 2075

Bsc. Agriculture 2076

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  1. I want last year question paper

  2. Would you sent me past paper of 2076

    1. It has been published on the website. Visit website to get your past papers of 2076


  4. I wanna questions with solutions of ag2077