"Notice for +2 final exam appeared students"

First of all; Warm wishes and welcome to the journey of entrance preparation. We are here to help you in your every step of this journey.

We are going to conduct topicwise test every week very soon. This test will be based on the new syllabus of AFU and TU entrance exam.
Specially on the demand of many students, we are conducting this test free of cost. So stay tuned with us and regularly check this website for further information.

Complete GK Collection (pdf file) for Entrance Preparation of BSc. Ag. BVSc.& AH BSc. Forestry, BSc. Nurshing, Loksewa aayog,

📑Collection of complete GK pdf file For Entrance Preparation of Agriculture, Veterinary and Forestry and also for Loksewa Aayog.

Here is a Collection of all the important GK which is most probable for entrance exam of agriculture, veterinary and forestry entrance exam of AFU/TU/PU and also important for Loksewa preparation.

In this post you can get informations on:-
▶ About AFU
▶ About IAAS
▶ GK for Agriculture
▶ GK for Veterinary and fisheries
▶ GK for Forestry
▶ About National Parks and other..
▶ Recent GK
▶ Sports GK
▶ Authers and writers GK
▶ Heritage sites GK
▶ Religious Gk
▶ Historical GK
▶ Mysterious GK
▶About Nepal GK
▶Conversion GK
▶ And many more.....

This is complete collection of GK. so you don't need to study any more except this for your entrance preparation of Agriculture, Veterinary and Forestry.
But you must have to read Recent GK at the time of your entrance exam.

*Bonus:- Recent GK also will be posted in this site so stay updates and follow this site. And don't forget to subscribe this site.

For your comlete GK collection pdf file, Click Here.

▶If you have any doubt, correction or have any query then don't hesitate to text me at adhikarishreeram25@gmail.com

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