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Some Biological theories with their Propounders / agrivetforestry

Some important biological theories and their propounders / discoverers

Different Biological Theories With Their Propounders 

Hello everyone, in this article, we are presenting you a very important topic to discuss and study. In this post you will find some of the important biological theories along with their propounders or discoverers. 

So let's enter into our topic.

Theory of natural selection ➡ Darwin & Wallace
Theory of mutation ➡ Hugo de Vries
Struggle for existence ➡ Charles Darwin
Inheritance of acquired characters ➡ Jean Baptiste de Lamark
▶Cell theory ➡ M.J. Schleiden (in plants) and Schwann (in animals)
▶Spontaneous theory of origin of life and pasteurization ➡ Louis Pasteur
Germ plasm theory ➡ August Wisemann
Germ theory of disease ➡ Louis Pasteur
Theory of special creation ➡ Father Saurez
▶Recapitulation theory (Ontogeny repeats phylogeny) ➡ Ernst Haeckel
▶Bionomial system of nomenclature ➡ Carolus Linnaeus
Theory of catastrophism ➡ George cuvier
Cosmozoic / Panspermia theory ➡ Ritcher (supported by Arrhenius)

Hope you like this post in the topic different biological theories and their propounders and don't forget to give your opinion in the comment box.

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