Natural Polymers with their Monomers

Hello everyone, welcome to Agrivetforestry Website. In this article we will discuss about the natural polymers and their monomers. First of all, let's know about monomers, polymers, natural polymers. Then, 

What is monomer?

- Monomers are the simple chemical unit or units which combine through chemical bonding to form a complex and long chain called polymers. eg. ethene

What is polymer?

- Polymers are the complex structure formed by the joining of two or more than two monomer units and it is done by the process of polymerization. eg. polyethene

What is natural polymer?

- Natural polymers are the complex chemical substance obtained by the process of polymerization of naturally occurring substances / monomers.

Here is a list of some naturally occuring polymers with their monomers.

Polymers Monomers
1. Polysaccharides Monosaccharides
2. Cellulose β - glucose
3. Starch α-glucose
4. Protein Amino acids
5. Nucleic acid Nucleotide
6. Silk Amino acids
7. Natural rubber
8. Gutta parcha

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