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Tissue and their macrophases, macrophases of human body with their respective organs, all the phagocytic cells of human body.


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Phagocytic cells are those cells, which engulf the foreign matter which has entered into the human body. They provide the immunity power and protects our body. There are mainly three types of internal infection occurs in our body. They are:

1) Parasitic infection
2) Allergic infection
3) Chronic infection

Parasitic infection:- These are the effect which is caused by the parasitic or helminthic infestation. A type of WBC called Eosinophil provides the immunity to our body against the effect of helminthic infestation.

Allergic infection:- It is an irration or itching response in our body in the response of certain physical, chemical and biological agent. A type of non-phagocytic cell called Basophil cell, release pharmacologically active substances during allergic response. One of Basophils cells are differentiated into mast cells in tissue and release histamine during allergic response.

Chronic infection:- This type of infection is caused due to inflammatory agents, mutants, antiges like bacteria, virus, pathogens etc. There are two types of cells present in blood which provides immunity to our body during chronic infection. They are Neutrophils and Monocytes. Neutrophils are the most motile and first cells to reach the site of infection. And monocytes are the cells whose count increases abundantly in the site of infection. The basic function of both of them is phagocytosis.
Even both of the cells can perform phagocytosis, but only monocytes can differentiated into tissue macrophages. Macrophages are the phagocytic cells in tissue. Macrophages have different names in different tissue.
Here is a list of all the macrophages of human body organs and tissue.



 Blood  Monocytes
 Lymph nodes
and spleen
 Brain Microglia
 Lungs Dust cells
 Liver Kupfer cells
 Bone Osteoclast
 Kidney Mesangial cells
 Skin Langerhan's cells

**Click here to view Mnemonic for the list of macrophases of human body.

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