Mnemonics for plantless root and rootless plant

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Hello, Welcome to Agrivetforestry Website. In this article, We have provided some easy and tricky mnemonics to learn the list of plantless root and rootless plant.

Mnemonics for plantless root and rootless plant

Rootless plants:-
My BaU 
को CeCuWa
(*My बाउको सेकुवा)
My = Myriophylum
Ba = Balanophora
U = Utricularia
Ce = Ceratophyllum
Cu = Cuscuta
W = Wolffia

Plantless roots:- 
@PARaS Moni (*पारस मनी)

P = Podostemon
A = Arceuthobium
Ra = Rafflesia
S = Sapria
Mon = Monotrapa

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