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We are going to conduct topicwise test every week very soon. This test will be based on the new syllabus of AFU and TU entrance exam.
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Most important facts about DNA, Histone protein and Chromosome

­čś▓Special features on number of chromosomes 

Highest number of chromosomes:-
In plant :- Ophioglossum reticulum (2n=1262)
In animal :- Aulochantha (2n=1600)

Lowest no. of chromosomes:- 
In plants :- Haplopappus gracilis (2n=4)
In animal :- Ascaris melanocephala (2n=2)

Important fact and relationship between DNA, Histone protein and Chromosome.

➡DNA is acidic in Nature. 
((@ DNA= Deoxyriboneucleic acid.
so it is easy to remember acidic nature of DNA.))
➡Histone protein is basic in Nature. 
➡Due to the balance between acidic DNA and basic Histone protein, chromosome overall become neutral. Since, DNA and histone protein binds together and coiled to form chromosome. 
➡It can be further clarified from this image.

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