Mnemonics for Cranial Nerves and Extra Important notes

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Mnemonics for Cranial Nerves and its special facts.

Mnemonics:- 1

Mnemonics for name of cranial nerves
@Old Ox Of Tokyo Touch And Feel Very Good Velvet So Hardly.
Old = Olfactory Nerve (I)
Ox = Optic Nerve (II)
Mnemonics for name of cranial nerves
Of = Occulomotor Nerve (III)
Tokyo = Trochlear Nerve (IV)
Touch = Trigeminal Nerve (V)
And = Abducens Nerve (VI)
Feel = Facial Nerve (VII)
Very = Vestibulo-cochlear Nerve (VIII)
Good = Glossopharyngeal Nerve (IX)
Velvet = Vagus Nerve (X)
So = Spinal Accessory Nerve (XI)
Hardly = Hypoglossal Nerve (XII)

Mnemonics:- 2

To learn its nature, you have to learn this Mnemonics.
@Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Bad Boy Marry Money.
Some = Sensory Nerve
Says = Sensory Nerve
Marry = Motor Nerve
Money = Motor Nerve
But = Both (Mixed)
My = Motor Nerve
Brother = Both (Mixed)
Says = Sensory Nerve
Bad = Both (Mixed)
Boy = Both (Mixed)
Marry = Motor Nerve
Money = Motor Nerve

Mnemonics:- 3

Mnemonics for origin (or termination) of cranial nerves at CNS
@Ce Mi Pons Medu
Ce = Cerebrum (I) (II)
Mi = Mid brain (III) (IV)
Pons = Pons (V) (VI) (VII) (VIII)
Medu = Medulla (IX) (X) (XI) (XII)
((☆☆Number of letters in mnemonics is its no. of cranial nerves present))

Special Facts:-

✔No. of Cranial nerves in mammals = 12pairs
✔No. of Cranial nerves in fishes and amphibians = 10pairs
✔Longest cranial nerve = Vagus nerve
✔But longest nerve (not cranial) = Sciatic nerve
✔ Most extensively distributed cranial nerve (having maximum number of branches) = Vagus nerve
✔Largest and thickest cranial nerve = Trigeminal nerve
✔Smallest cranial nerve = Abducens nerve
✔Thinnest cranial nerve = Trochlear nerve
✔Pathetic nerve = Trochlear nerve
✔Dentist nerve = Trigeminal nerve

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