AFU New Agriculture model All Nepal Examination Question Paper with Hints And Solution, Conducted by TSAN-AFU

All Nepal AFU New Agriculture Model Entrance Exam conducted by TSAN-AFU.

Hello everyone, welcome to agrivetforestry website. In this article, we have presented you AFU New Agriculture model all Nepal exam conducted by  TSAN-AFU. Since, AFU has changed its pattern of question in agriculture entrance exam from 2076.
According to new pattern of AFU 
English = 21 marks
Physics = 15 marks
Chemistry = 21 marks
Zoology = 21 marks
Botany = 21 marks
Math = 15 marks
GK and Plant Science = 6 marks
Total = 120 marks
So, you have to practice accordingly. 

Before entering to questions, Let you know briefly about TSAN.
- Techincal Students Association Nepal (TSAN) is a leading student association of Nepal in the technical field of education. As you know, agriculture, veterinary and fisheries are technical subjects and it requires alot of help from technical site. So, for the fulfilment of those requires, a branch of TSAN in the name 'TSAN-AFU' has been established. TSAN-AFU is mainly based on central campus, rampur but its branches are also in AFU affiliated campuses. TSAN-AFU eventually organizes different trainings, farm visit, educational tour, One Semester One Product (OSOP) program, entrance crash course, All Nepal Model Exams.
This much for TSAN-AFU.
Now let's come to the topic.

Here is the pdf file for question and answer sheet which was conducted in 2076-08-21 

❓For question set click here.
✔For answer set click here.

Hope you like this article on the topic AFU New Agriculture model all Nepal exam conducted by TSAN-AFU. Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any query. Also Follow this site for regular updates.

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