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Thursday, 12 March 2020

Mnemonics for Kreb Cycle / TCA cycle / Easiest way to learn kreb cycle.

🔁Mnemonics for Kreb Cycle/ TCA Cycle/ Citric acid cycle

@She(C) is Kabita Subedi Sucking Full Mango Once.

C = Citric acid
I = Isocitric acid
K = α-Ketoglutaric acid
S = Succinyl CoA
S = Succinic acid
F = Fumaric acid
M = Malic acid
O = Oxaloacetic acid

◾All the name of enzymes have came from the substrate of respective reaction except citrate synthase and aconitase.
eg. if fumaric acid changes into malic acid then enzyme will be fumarase.
◾In any reaction, if there is the presence of ATP, ADP, AMP that enzyme will be kinase.
◾ If there is the presence of NAD+ and NADH2 or FAD+ and FADH2 in the reaction then that enzyme will be dehydrogenase.

Now you can have the following reaction.
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