List of all the fathers related to Biology / Agrivetforestry

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List of all the fathers related to Biology / Agrivetforestry 

Hello and welcome to the another post of Agrivetforestry website. In this post you will find the list of all the fathers related to biology section.

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✔Father of Biology : Aristole
✔Father of Modern Biology: Linnaeus
✔Father of Taxonomy : Carolus Linnaeus
✔Father of Immunology : Edward Jenner
✔Father of Microbiology : Anton van Leenuwenhoek
✔Father of Antibiotics : Alexander Fleming
✔Father of Modern Microbiology : Louis Pasteur
✔Father of Medical Microbiology : Robert Koch
✔Father of Pathology : Rudolph Virchow
✔Father of Bacteriology : Robert Koch
✔Father of Virology : W. M. Stanley
✔Father of Embryology : Aristotle
✔Father of Modern Embryology : Ernst Von Baer
✔Father of Physiology : Stephan Hales
✔Father of Modern experimental physiology : Calude Bernard
✔Father of Genetics : Rev. Gregor Mendel
✔Father of Modern Genetics : Bateson
✔Father of Human Genetics/ Biochemical genetics : Arachibald Garrod
✔Father of Experimental Genetics : T.H. Morgan
✔Father of Haploid Genetics / Neurospora Genetics : Dodge
✔Father of Cloning : Ian Willmut
✔Father of Plant anatomy : Grew

✔Father of Histology (Microscopic anatomy) : Malpighi
✔Father of Cytology : Robert Hooke
✔Father of modern Cytology : Swanson
✔Father of Paleontology : Leonard da Vinci
✔Father of modern Paleontology : Cuvier
✔Father of Concept of Evolution: Empedocles
✔Father of Botany: Theophrastus
✔Father of Modern Botany : Bauhin
✔Father of Zoology : Aristotle
✔Father of Biochemistry : Liebig
✔Father of Epidemiology : John Snow
✔Father of Plant Pathology : de Bary
✔Father of Modern Pathology : Rudolf Virchow
✔Father of Ecology : Theophrastus
✔Father of Genetic Engineering : Paul Berg
✔Father of Gene therapy : Anderson
✔Father of Ethology : Konard Lorentz
✔Father of Endocrinology : Thomas Addison
✔Father of Eugenics : Galton
✔Father of Gerantology : Korenchevsk
✔Father of Palynology : Erdtman
✔Father of Stress physiology : Hans Selye
✔Father of Electrocardiography : Einthoven
✔Father of DNA Fingerprinting : Alec Jeffery
✔Father of Mycology : Micheli
✔Father of Bryology : Hedwig
✔Father of Phycology : William Henry Harvey
✔Father of ATP cycle: Lipmann
✔Father of Chemotherapy :Father of Anatomy : Herophilus
✔Father of Modern Anatomy : Andrea

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