List of respiratory organ in various animals

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List of respiratory organ in various animals

Respiration is a catabolic process in which the respired oxygen is used in the oxidation of food resulting in the release of energy. Due to the evolutionary effect and adaptation, different animals use different organs and structure for the respiration process. All these organs are feasible for them to survive.

For an entrance preparing student, it is mendatory to remember the list of respiratory organ of animals. So, here is the list of various animals with their respiratory organ.

1) Lungs (pulmonary respiration) = Reptiles, Birds, Mammals
2) Gills (branchial respiration) = Many annelids, Most crustaceans and mollusca, Echinoderms, Fishes, Tadpole larva of amphibian
3) Skin (Cutaneous) = Some annelids like earthworm, some arthropods like spider and scorpion and some amphibian like frog
4) Trachea and Spiracles = Mosquito, Cockroach
5) Parapodia = Neris
6) Trachea = Centipedes and millipedes
7) Book lungs = Spider and Scorpion, ticks and mites
8) Book gills = King crab/ Limulus/ horse shoe crab (a living fossils)
9) General body surface = Protozoa, Porifera, Coelentarata, Some platyhelminthes
10) Test = Urochordata
11) Clocal respiration = Marine turtle
12) Chorion and allantois = Reptiles, Birds and Mammals during embryonic stage

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