Mnemonics for cuboidal epithelium with its location in human body

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Mnemonics for cuboidal epithelium with its location in human body 

ℹDo you know, what is cuboidal epithelium or simple cuboidal epithelial tissue? 
ℹDo you know, what is the main functions of cuboidal epithelium? 
ℹDo you know, where are these cuboidal epithelium present in our body?

Don't worry,,
In this article, we are are discussing briefly about the Cuboidal Epithelium in  and also a mnemonics for cuboidal epithelium about its presence and location in human body.

Cuboidal Epithelium or Simple Cuboidal Epithelium is a type of epithelium that consists of a single layer of cube like cells (cuboidal cells). Simple cuboidal epithelium consists of a single layer cells which are as tall as they are wide. It is specialized for diffusion, absorption and secretion.

As we are getting so much questions and queries from our students and learners that "how to memorize epithelial tissue?" or "how to memorize histology?" or "how to memorize cuboidal epithelium?"

So it's our responsibility to fulfil your demand. That's why, we are here with another article on the topic "simple cuboidal epithelium mnemonics." Hope this way to remember epithelium tissue will help you in your study. 

Now, Let's ahead to the mnemonics for Cuboidal Epithelium where it is found in the human body.

@TORCH LIGHT is Present in Cube.

T = Thyroid follicle
O = Ovary
R = Retina of eye
CH = CHoroid plexus
L = Lens of eye
I = Iris
G = Glands
H = Henle's Ascending loop
T = Tubules of kidney
is = ××××
P(Present) = Pancreas
in = ××××
Cube = Cuboidal epithelium

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