Larva of different animals with their phylum or class / list of larval form

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First of all, let's talk about larva in brief.


Larva is a motile and feeding juvenile form of an animal which undergo metamorphosis to become an adult. Those animals which have indirect development such as  invertebrates, insects, amphibians and some cnidarians most likely to have a larval phase in their life cycle.


The appearance and morphology of a larval is generally different from the adult one. (e.g. tadpole and frog, caterpillar and butterfly) included with different unique structures and organs that do not occur in the adult form. 

Feeding habit and adaptation:- 

They might consume considerably different food too. For examples, caterpillar fed on tree bark and leaves but butterfly fed on necture of flower. Simillarly, larva of most of the animals are likely to adapt and survive in the different environment than the adult. For example, tadpoles can only survive in water but it's adult form frog can live on both land and in water. Due to the different feeding habit and survival modes, larva get protected from their predators and lowers the competition for food with the adult population.

Voracious nature of larva:- 

Animals in the larval stage consume as much as food so that they can survive till they become adult. Some larva have to complete the pupa stage to become an adult, so they need enormous fuel to survive during pupa stage. Also, in some animals like sycon, adult become sessile but larva can easily move. So, larva consume enormous food to easily survive during sessile form even they couldn't get food.
Some larvae are independent on adults to fed them. For example, tadpole of frog, caterpillar. But some larva are fed by their adult. For example, larva of honeybee.

This much information about the larva and larval form of animals is sufficient for the general concept. Now, lets have a list of larva of animals with their phylum or class.

 Name of Larva 

 Name of animal 

 Phylum / Class 

 Actinotrocha Phoronis Phoronida
 Alima Squilla Arthropoda
 Ammocoetus Petromyzon Cyclostomata
 Amphiblastula Sycon Porifera
 Ascidian Tadpole  Herdmania Chordata
 Auricularia Holothuria Echinodermata
 Axoloti Ambystoma Amphibia
 Bipinnaria Asterias Echinodermata
 Bladderworm Taenia solium Platyhelminthes
 Brachiolaria Asterias Echinodermata
 Caterpillar Butterfly/ Silk moth Arthropoda
 Cercaria Fasciola hepatica  Platyhelminthes
 Cydipid larva all members Ctenophora
 Cyphonautes Bugula Ectoprocta
 Cypris Lepas Arthropoda
 Cysticercus Taenia solium Platyhelminthes
 Doliolaria Antedon Echinodermata
 Echinopluteus Echinus Echinodermata
 Ephyra Aurelia Coelenterata
 Filariform Ancyclostoma Nematoda
 Glaucothoe Hermit crab Arthropoda
 Glochidium Unio Mollusca
 Grub Beetles/ Honeybee  Arthropoda
 Hexacanth Taenia Platyhelminthes
 Hexapod larva Ticks and mites Arthropoda
 Hydratuba Aurelia Coelenterata
 Hydrula Hydra Coelenterata
 Infusoriform larva Dicyamids Mesozoa
 Juvenile Ascaris Nematoda
 Kentrogen larva Sacculina Arthropoda
 Loven’s larva Polygordius Annelida
 Maggot Musca/ Housefly Arthropoda
 Megalopa Crab Arthropoda
 Metacercaria Fasciola hepatica Platyhelminthes
 Metanauplius Prawn Arthropoda
 Metazoea Prawn Arthropoda
 Microfilariae Wuchereria Nematoda
 Miracidium Fasciola hepatica Platyhelminthes
 Muller’s larva Planocera Turbellaria
 Mysis Penaeus/ Lobsters Arthropoda
 Naiads Mayfly Arthropoda
 Nauplius Penaeus Arthropoda
 Onchosphere Taenia solium Platyhelminthes
 Ophiopluteus Ophinothrix Echinodermata
 Parenchymula Leucosolenia Porifera
 Pentacrinus Antedon Echinodermata
 Phyllosoma Rock Lobster Arthropoda
 Pilidium larva Lineus Nemertina
 Planula Obelia/ Sea anemone Coelenterata
 Protozoea Penaeus/ Prawn Arthropoda
 Redia Fasciola hepatica Platyhelminthes
 Rhabditifom Ascaris Nematoda
 Rhagon Higher sponges Porifera
 Schizopod Lobsters Arthropoda
 Scyphistoma Aurelia Coelenterata
 Semper's larva Anthozoa Coelenterata
 Sporocyst Fasciola hepatica Platyhelminthes
 Tadpole Rana Amphibia
 Tornaria Balanoglosus Hemichordata
 Trilobite Limulus Arthropoda
 Trochophore Nereis Annelida & Mollusca
 Veliger Pila Mollusca
 Zoea Crab Arthropoda

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