Critical Parameters used in physics

Critical Temperature, Critical pressure, Critical volume, Critical speed, Critical angle,  Critical relative humudity

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Critical temperature (Tc) = The temperature below which a gas can be liquified by increasing the pressure alone is called critical temperature. It's value is different for different gases.
Tc = 8a/27Rb

Critical pressure (Pc) = The minimum pressure required to liquify a gas at critical temperature os called critical pressure.
Pc = a/27b2

Critical volume (Vc ) = The volume occupied by a gas at critical temperature and critical pressure is called critical volume.
Vc = 3b

Critical speed (Cs) = The minimum speed of an object to move in a perfect circular path is called critical speed.

Critical angle (C) = It is defined as the angle of incidence that provides an angle of refraction of exact 90°. For the water-air boundary, the critical angle is 48.6°.
SinC = 1/μ

Critical Relative humidity (CRH) = The critical relative humidity of a salt is defined as the relative humidity of the surrounding atmosphere at which the material begins to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and below which it will not absorb atmospheric moisture.

Critical current (CI) = The current in a superconductive material above which the material is normal and below which the material is superconducting, at a specified temperature and in the absence of external magnetic fields.

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