Practice question collection for Animal Tissue and Organs

Practice question collection for
Animal Tissue and Organs

Practice questions collection for Animal Tissues and Organs, Bsc Ag Practice questions, Bsc Ag Entrance Practice Questions, animal tissue and organs Practice Questions, Topic-wise Practice Questions, topic= "animal tissue and organs practice questions"

1. Nissil's granules are found in
(a) axon
(b) myofibrill
(c) nerve Cell
(d) mylenated sheath

2. The internal lining of the blood vessel is
(a) mesothelium
(b) endothelium
(c) pavement epithelium
(d) stratified epithelium

3. Skin gets wrinkled in old age due to
(a) collagen
(b) keratin
(c) action
(d) myosin

4. Transitional epithelium is found in
(a) Urinary bladder
(b) Liver
(c) Kidney
(d) Oesophagus

5. RBCs are short lived due to lack of:
(a) Nucleus
(b) Mitochondria
(c) Ribosomes
(d) Golgi bodies

6. Which of the following is the retroperitoneal organ?
(a) spleen
(b) testes
(c) heart
(d) kidney

7. Keratinised stratified squamous epithelium found in
(a) trachea
(b) lining of blood vessel
(c) mouth cavity
(d) epidermis

8. Active secretary cells in human body are
(a) myoblast
(b) goblet cells
(c) monocytes
(d) erythrocytes

9. In which animal tissue, lacunae is not present?
(a) Elastic cartilage
(b) hyaline cartilage
(c) areolar tissue
(d) fibrocartilage

10. Universal donor blood group of human being is:
(a) Group O
(b) Group 'AB'
(c) Group 'B'
(d) Group 'A'

11. Connective tissue is originated from:
(a) Endoderm
(b) Mesoderm
(c) Ectoderm
(d) Ecto-mesoderm

12. The fibrous sheath that connects the bone is called
(a) tendon
(b) aponeurosis
(c) periosteum
(d) ligament

13. Antibodies producing blood cells are:
(a) Lymphocytes
(b) Monocytes
(c) Basophylls
(d) Neutrophylls

14. The skeleton and muscles are derived from
(a) ectoderm and mesoderm
(b) ectoderm
(c) endoderm
(d) mesoderm

15. Outer covering of bone is
(a) perichondrium
(b) endosteum
(c) periosteum
(d) pericardium

16. Glisson's capsule is found in which mammalian organ?
(a) kidney
(b) liver
(c) pancreas
(d) brain

17. Tendon connects
(a) bone to bone
(b) bone to muscle
(c) muscle to muscle
(d) bones of cranium

18. Reticulin fibres are associated with
(a) retina
(b) reticulocytes
(c) phagocytosis
(d) all of the above

19. A very good power of regeneration is found in
(a) lung
(b) liver
(c) kidney
(d) spleen

20. Abdominal organs are covered by
(a) peritoneum
(b) omentum
(c) pericardium
(d) pleura

21. Axon or dendrite is a part of
(a) connective tissue
(b) nervous tissue
(c) epithelial tissue
(d) skeletal tissue

22. Fat cells are
(a) epithelial tissue
(b) connective tissue
(c) muscular tissue
(d) adipose tissue

23. The tissue that protects body from wound and infection is
(a) areolar
(b) adipose
(c) reticular
(d) lymphatic

24. What is the name of diseases caused by the endocrinology deficiency of thyroxin?
(a) diabetes
(c) goitre
(b) night blindness
(d) Addison's diseases.

25. The bone of mammals contains longitudinal Haversian canals, which are connected by transverse canals called
(a) bidder's canal
(b) volkmann's canal
(c) inguinal canal
(d) eustachian canal

26. Mast cell in the connective tissue resemble
(a) basophils
(b) monocytes
(c) plasma cells
(d) sertoli cells

27. The cells which do not divide
(a) neuron
(b) muscular
(c) blood cell
(d) bone cell

28. Yellow bone marrow is especially found in the medullary cavity of
(a) spongy bones
(b) long bones
(c) short bones
(d) all of these

29. The growth of hair follicle is facilitated by
(a) stratum corneum
(b) stratum malpighii
(c) dermis
(d) none

30. Which of the following increases during allergy?
(a) IgE
(b) IgA
(c) IgM
(d) IgD

31. Protoplasmic connection between two cells is
(a) plasmodesmata
(b) cell wall
(c) plasma membrane
(d) cell membrane

32. Cells of germinal epithelium are
(a) columnar
(b) glandular
(c) cuboidal
(d) ciliated

33. The membrane that covers the cartilage is known as
(a) Perichodrium
(b) Periosteum
(c) Pericardium
(d) Perineurium

34. Glands and ducts are internally lined with
(a) columnar epithelium
(b) cuboidal epithelium
(c) ciliated columnar epithelium
(d) transitional epithelium

35. Trachea is lined by
(a) pseudo stratified columnar epithelium
(b) stratified epithelium
(c) cuboidal epithelium
(d) squamous epithelium

36. Urinogenital ducts are lined by
(a) pseudostratified columnar epithelium
(b) glandular epithelium
(c) simple squamous epithelium
(d) stratified squamous epithelium

37. Blood is
(a) Connective tissue
(b) Muscular tissue
(c) Nervous tissue
(d) Epithelial tissue

38. Intercalated discs are found in
(a) cardiac muscle
(b) smooth muscles
(c) striated muscles
(d) ligaments

39. Inflammation characterized by dilation of capillaries & small blood vessels surrounding the injuries, infected area becomes red, warm & swollen due to increase permeability to
(a) heparin
(b) histamine
(c) macrophage
(d) interferone

40. Which of the following leukocyte doesn't contain granules in cytoplasm?
(a) neutrophil
(b) basophil
(c) monocyte
(d) eosinophil

41. The substance produced in the body for defense is
(a) platelets
(b) antigens
(c) antibodies
(d) thrombins

42. Memory cells are
(a) T cells only
(b) B cells only
(c) T and B cells both
(d) none

43. Clotting of blood is delayed by:
(a) Prothrombin
(b) Heparin
(c) Fibrinogen
(d) Thromboplastin

44. WBCs that are non-specific killer of microbes are
(a) B-cell
(b) phagocyte
(c) killer T
(d) helper T

45. A group of cell having common origin and similar function is
(a) tissue
(b) system
(c) organ
(d) body

46. Which of the following may arise from any three germ layers?
(a) epithelial tissue
(b) muscular tissue
(c) connective tissue
(d) nervous tissue

47. Serum is
(a) plasma
(b) plasma minus Fibrinogen
(c) blood minus plasma
(d) plasma minus WBC

48. Cardiac muscles are found in
(a) kidney of frog
(b) liver of frog
(c) heart of mammal
(d) stomach of rabbit

49. The acidophils are
(a) white blood cells
(b) connective tissue cells
(c) bone cells
(d) cartilage cells

50. Histamine is secreted by
(a) Mast cell
(b) Fibroblast
(c) Osteoblast
(d) Macrophages

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