AFU Agriculture Entrance Exam 2076; Past questions set with pdf file

AFU-Agriculture Entrance Exam 2076
past question set

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1.The killing of one’s father is _________. 
a) Matricide b) Parricide
c) Patricide d) fratricide
2. She was born________ the 13th of June, 1996.
a) in b) at
c) by d) on
3. He ________ smoking.
a) gave up b) gave on
c) gave out d) gave about
4.He is bad ______ games and weak_____ French.
a) at, at b) at, in
c) in, at d) in, in
5.She must work hard, _______ ?
a) mustn’t she b) shouldn’t she
c) needn’t she d) need she
6. Ishwori is
a) senior than Kabita b) more senior to Kabita
c) Senior to Kabita d) more senior than Kabita
7. He is _______ one-eyed man.
a) an b) the
c) a d) either a or c
8. It has been long since I _______ her.
a) didn’t see b) saw
c) have seen d) has seen
9. I am going to buy ________ .
a) a bread b) some bread
c) a loaf of breads d) breads
10. Acrophobia means:
a) Fear of crowd b) Fear of high places
c) Fear of plants d) Fear of pollen
11. The synonym of the word 'maudlin' is:-
a) Sentimental b) Crazy
c) Expert d) beginner
12. She is sitting _______ me.
a) Beside b) Besides
c) Between d) with
13. The antonym of inborn is: 
a) acquired b) innate
c) outborn d)unborn
14. _________ were present in the kitchen room.
a) I , my wife and you b) You, my wife and I
c) My wife, I and you d) My wife, you and I
15. He looks as if he _____ a ghost.
a) were b) was
c) will be d) none
16. He got his car ________.
a) to repair b) repaired
c) repair d) repairing
17. Good morning, ____?
a) Isn't it b) aren't you
c) aren't d) No tag
18. Who is creating this mess?
a) Who has created this mess?
b) By whom this mess is being created?
c) By whom has this mass been created?
d) By whom is this mess being created?
19. If you boil water, it _________ vapour.
a) will become b) become
c) becomes d) will be becoming
20. _____ is the tallest building in the area.
a) Her b) My
c) Your d) Ours
21. Choose the correct spelling
a) millenium b) milennium
c) millennium d) mellinnium

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22. Escape velocity of Earth is:
a) 11.2 m/s b) 11.2 km/s
c) 11.2 km/hr d) 11.2 ft/hr
23. The dimensions for ratio of Planck's constant to electronic charge is same as:
a) electric flux b) magnetic flux
c) electric field d) magnetic induction
24. When relative humidity is 100%, then the atmospheric temperature is equal to:
a) 4°C b) 0°C
c) dew point d) 100°C
25. A plane mirror is rotated by an angle θ. The change in deviation of a ray produced by the mirror is:
a) θ b) 2θ
c) 3θ d) 4θ
26. If maximum intensity is 16 times the minimum intensity then the ratio of their amplitudes will be:-
a) 4/1 b) 5/2
c) 5/3 d) 25/9
27. The air bubbles inside water looks silver white because of
a) Dispersion b) Deviation
c) Total internal reflection d) Interference
28. The focal length of lens in air is 30cm. Find the focal length of the lens in water (given μw = 1.33 & μg = 1.5)
a) 120cm b) 20cm
c) 90cm d) 60cm
29. What makes water drop spherical?
a) Cohesion b) Adhesion
c) Gravity d) Surface tension
30. An open pipe of length L1 and a close pipe of length L2 resonate to the same tuning fork. The ratio of their length (L1/L2) is:
a) 4:1 b) 1:1
c) 1:2 d) 2:1
31. Loudness of sound depend upon 
a) Frequency b) Amplitude
c) Overtones d) Periodicity
32. If a copper wire is stretched to make 0.1% thinner, then the percentage increase in resistance would nearly.
a) 0.1% b) 0.2%
c) 0.4% d) 0.025%
33. A bullet is shot from a rifle. As a result the rifle recoils. The kinetic energy of rifle as compared to the bullet is
a) less b) greater
c) equal d) insufficient data
34. A faulty thermometer has its fixed points marked 5°C an 95°C. This thermometer reads the temperature of body as 59°C. Then the correct temperature on the Celsius scale is
a) 48.6°C b) 59°C
c) 60°C d) 58°C
35. The % of radio activity after 5 half life time period is
a) 50 b) 6
c) 3 d) None
36. A rectifier converts
a) AC into DC b) DC into AC
c) AC into AC d) DC into DC

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37. Which of the following sequence is correct in the order of increasing atomic number?
a) Co, Fe, Ni, Cu b) Fe, Co, Ni, Cu
c) Fe, Ni, Co, Cu d) Cu, Fe, Co, Ni
38. In the given reaction
P+NaOH+H2O ⟶ PH3 + NaH2PO2
a) P is oxidizing and NaOH is reducing agent.
b) P is reducing and NaOH is oxidizing agent
c) P acts as both oxidizing and reducing agent.
d) P is oxidizing and H2O is reducing agent
39. Bleaching property is shown by all except
a) Cl2 b) O2
c) SO2 d) H2O2
40. 12g of Mg (Atomic wt. 24) will react completely with an acid to give
a) One mole of H2 b) One half mole of H2
c) One mole of O2 d) None of above
41. α-particle is identical with
a) Proton b) Neutron
c) Electron d) Helium nucleus
42. Which of the following metal cannot be extract by carbon reduction process?
a) Fb b) Al
c) Hg d) Zn
43. Which of the following does not obey octet rule?
a) H2SO4 b) CO
c) N2O4 d) NH3
44. Alcohols are:
a) neutral b) basic
c) acidic d) amphoteric
45. When nitrobenzene is treated with zinc dust and aqueous chloride we get
a) Aniline b) Phenyl hydroxyl amine
c) Azoxybenzene d) Hydrazobenzene
46. The first organic compound synthesized in lab from its element was
a) Urea b) Acetic acid
c) Methane d) Ethane
47. Alkaline hydrolysis of an ester is called
a) Neutralization b) Esterification
c) Saponification d) Dehydration
48. Find the molarity of 10% NaOH
a) 1.5 b) 2.5
c) 4 d) 0.4
49. Oxidation number of iron in brown ring is:
a) +3 b) +2
c) +1 d) 0
50. In the reaction, which one is reduced?
Cr2O72- + H+ + I-  ⟶  Cr3+ + H2O + I2
a) Cr b) H+
c) 0 d) I-
51. The brown ring test during qualitative analysis is performed to detect
a) Bromide b) Sulphate
c) Nitrate d) Nitrite
52. Which one of the following indicates the value of the gas constant R?
a) 1.987 cal/°C/mole b) 8.3cal/°C/mole
c) 0.0821 lit/°C/mole d) 1.987 joule/°C/mole
53. Both the following have same bond angle
a) CH4, benzene b) Ethylene, benzene
c) Phenol, ethyl alcohol d) Methane, butane
54. Froth floatation is done to separate impurities from
a) FeS2 b) Fe2O3
c) FeCO3 d) Fe3O4
55. Which is the good conductor of electricity?
a) Diamond b) Graphite
c) Fullerene d) None
56. Idoform can be used is medicine as an
a) Anaesthetic b) Analgesic
c) Antiseptic d) Antifebrin
57. Phosphorus is 
a) monoatomic b) diatomic
c) triatomic d) tetra-atomic

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58. Hydra belongs to class 
a) Anthozoa b) Hydrozoa
c) Scyphozoa d) Ciliata
59. Father of modern embryology is:
a) Aristotle b) Earnest Van Baer
c) Louis Pasteur d) Empedocles
60. Most accepted theory about evolution is:
a) Biogenesis b) Cosmic theory
c) Special creation theory d) Abiogenesis
61. Chloragogen cell in Earthworm is analogous to 
a) Liver b) Kidney
c) Heart d) Stomach
62. Osmoregulation in protozoa is controlled by 
a) Food vacuole b) Contractile vacuole
c) Cell membrane d) Pseudopodia
63. Forest of Nephridia in earthworm is called
a) Clitellar region b) Albumin region
c) Gizzard d) Typhlosolar region
64. Connecting link between reptiles and amphibian is 
a) Seymouria b) Platypus
c) Archaeopteryx d) Peripatus
65. Cockroach is 
a) Amminotelic b) Ureotelic
c) Uricotelic d) Guanotelic 
66. The human having high cranial capacity is:
a) Cro-Magnon man b) Neanderthal man
c) Java man d) Modern man
67. Unique character of mammal is 
a) 4 chambered heart b) Homeothermic
c) Pinna d) Diaphragm
68. Porifera has ________ grade of body organisation.
a) acellular b) cellular
c) tissue d) organ
69. Monocytes present in spleen are:
a) Kupffer's cell b) Messengial cell
c) Dust cell d) Sinusoidal cell
70. Water canal is present in 
a) Porifera b) Protozoa
c) Coelenterata d) Echinodermata
71. Which tissue is originated from all three germ layers?
a) epithelial tissue b) connective tissue
c) muscular tissue d) nervous tissue
72. Locomotion in Echinodermata is by :
a) Pseudopodia b) Cilia
c) Tube feet d) Flagella 
73. Vitelline gland is present in 
a) Neiris b) T. solium
c) Fasciola hepatica d) Hydra
74. Cavity formed during Embryogenesis of frog is 
a) Blastocoel b) Archenteron
c) Mesenteron d) Coelenteron
75. Velocity of conduction is high in
a) SA node b) AV node
c) Bundle of His d) Purkinje fibre
76. Kala-zar is transmitted by
a) Bed bug b) Sandfly
c) House fly d) Ticks
77. Lower jaw of frog has
a) No teeth b) Only vomerine
c) 3 teeth d) Many teeth
78. In molluscan 
a) Foot is located on head
b) Head is located on foot.
c) Ink gland is digestive gland
d) Cephalopoda has closed vascular system

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79. Total stem parasite is:
a) Cuscuta b) Opuntia
c) Rafflesia d) Ficus
80. Branch of science that deals with study of improvement of human race through better environment is called:
a) Eugenics b) Euthenics
c) Euphenics d) None
81. Semi conservative model of replication of DNA was demonstrated by
a) Messelson and stanly b) Taylor and Stanly
c) Watson and Crick d) Taylor only
82. Late blight of potato is caused by:
a) Alternaria solani b) Fusarium solani
c) Synchitrium d) Phytopthora infestans
83. 3 kingdom system of classification was introduced by 
a) Carolos Linnaeus b) Ernest Haeckel
c) R.H. Whittaker d) Copeland
84. Pneumatophores are useful in:
a) Respiration b) Transpiration
c) Guttation d) Protein synthesis
85. Guttation is mainly due to:
a) Root pressure b) Osmosis
c) Transpiration d) Imbibition
86. Kreb's cycle is involved in:
a) Osmosis b) Photosynthesis
c) Respiration d) Transpiration
87. Sulphur shower occurs in
a) Pinus b) Cycas
c) Gnetum d) Sequoia
88. Secondary phloem is also called:
a) wood b) bast
c) leptome d) hadrome
89. The end product of glycolysis is:
a) One molecule of pyruvic acid.
b) Two molecule of pyruvic acids.
c) One molecule of acetyl COA.
d) Two molecules of acetyl COA.
90. Bolting in plants is caused by:
a) Auxin b) Gibberellin
c) Cytokinin d) Ethylene
91. In ecosystem energy flows in:
a) Unidirection b) Bidirection
c) Multidirection d) Tridirection
92. Ferns differ from moss in having:
a) Independent sporophyte
b) Independent gametophyte
c) Archegonia
d) Prothallus
93. Bicollateral vascular bundle is found in
a) Solanaceae b) Cucurbitaceae
c) Leguminaceae d) Both a and b
94. Purine Based found in RNA 
a) Adenine b) Cytosine
c) Guanine d) Thymine
95. Terminal electron acceptor of Photosynthesis is:
a) plastoquinone b) cytochrome b
c) phaeophytin d) plastocyanin
96. Inflorescence of wheat is:
a) Spike of spikelets b) Panicle of spikelets
c) Spike d) Raceme of spikes
97. Which of the following is c4 plant?
a) Rice b) Cactus
c) Wheat d) Maize
98. Cell drinking is referred to
a) Plasmolysis b) Diffusion
c) Pinocytosis d) Phagocytosis
99. Protein part of enzyme is:
a) Holoenzyme b) Apoenzyme
c) Ribozyme d) Proenzyme

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100. The solution of Cos4x = sin2x ,then x=? 
a) 15° b) 18°
c) 16°                              d) 12°
101. The line represented by ax²+2hxy+by²+2gx +2fy+c =0 intersect on x-axis if:
a) g² = ac b) f² = bc
c) h² = ab d) af² = bg²
102. When variable are uncorrelated then:
a) r = -1 b) r = +1
c) r = 0 d) none
103. If two cubical dice are thrown in now many ways can they fall.
a) 6 b) 12
c) 36 d) 1
104. Any vector (a,b,c) is a linear combination of:
a) (1,1,1), (0,1,0), (0,0,1) b) (1,0,0), (0,1,0), (0,0,1)
c) (0,0,1), (0,1,1), (1,1,1) d) (1,1,1), (0,1,0), (0,1,1)
105. The derivative of cosecx is:
a) cotx b) -cosecx
c) -cosecx.cotx d) sinx
106) Bowley's coefficient of skewness lies between:
a) -3 to +3 b) -2 to +2
c) -1 to +1 d) 0 to 1
107. If n(A)=6 ,n(B)=4 ,B≤A then, n(AՈB) is 
a) 4 b) 6
c) 2 d) 10
108. If the system of equation x+2y-3z =1, (k+2)+z = 4, (2k+1)y + z =2 is inconsistent then k =
a) 2 b) 1
c) -1 d) -2
109. The value of  0∫⁴x dx is:
a) 4 b) 8
c) 16 d) 32
110. The given system of equation kx-2y=0 and x+3y=0 has a unique solution then
a) k ≠ - ⅔ b) k = - ⅔
c) k = 0 d) k = ⅔
111. The determinant of the given metrix is:
|3    0    0|
|0    3    0|
|0    0    3|
a) 3 b) 9
c) 27 d) 6
112. Sum of : 1²+2²+3³+....……+n² is 
a) n(n+1) (2n+1)/6 b) n (n+1)/6
c) n(n+1)/2 d) (2n+1)/2 
113. Which is not a even function  
a) x²+sin²x b) x²+sin x
c) x²+cos x d) x²+cos²x 
114. The formula Area = √{s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)}  is used to determine the area of:
a) circle b) Triangle
c) Rectangle d) Polygon

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115. Which province is declared as organic province
a) 1 b) 5
c) Karnali d) Gandaki
116. The number of colours in the flag of Nepal is:
a) 1 b) 2
c) 3 d) 4
117. Which of the following is the variety of rice 
a) Gautam b) Sabitri
c) Saurya d) Rampur composite
118. Which of the following is breed of buffalo
a) Jersey b) Dhorel
c) Black Bengal d) Surti
119. The no of gold medal won by Nepal in 13th SAG is:
a) 51 b) 49
c) 55 d) 59
120. Bhaktapur local is the variety of 
a) Cucumber b) Radish
c) Orange d) Carrot


01. C 02. D 03. A 04. B

05. C 06. C 07. C 08. C

09. C 10. B 11. A 12. A

13. A 14. B 15. A 16. B

17. D 18. D 19. C 20. D

21. C 22. B 23. B 24. C

25. B 26. C 27. C 28. A

29. D 30. D 31. B 32. C

33. A 34. C 35. B 36. A

37. B 38. C 39. B 40. B

41. D 42. B 43. B 44. C

45. B 46. B 47. C 48. B

49. B 50. D 51. C 52. A

53. B 54. A 55. B 56. C

57. D 58. B 59. B 60. D

61. A 62. B 63. A 64. A

65. C 66. A 67. D 68. B

69. D 70. A 71. A 72. C

73. C 74. A 75. A 76. B

77. A 78. D 79. A 80. B

81. C 82. D 83. B 84. A

85. A 86. C 87. A 88. B

89. B 90. B 91. A 92. A

93. C 94. C 95. D 96. A

97. D 98. C 99. B 100.A

101. A 102. C 103. C 104. B

105. C 106. C 107. A 108. D

109. B 110. A 111. C 112. A

113. B 114. B 115. C 116. C

117. B 118. D 119. A 120. A

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